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Evening Activities are a time when the entire camp comes together just to have fun! They are different every night and include activities like Scavenger Hunts, Bunk Activities, Campfires, Dances, Carnivals, Workshops, and Performances.


Don't have a Valentine this year? Don't sweat it; friends deserve LOVE too, so celebrate "Pal"entine's Day this year! 


We all know the name of the famous aviator Charles Lindbergh. A less familiar name is that of his wife, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, an aviator herself and author. In 1955, Anne Lindbergh's book Gift from the Sea was published. In Gift from the Sea, Lindbergh writes about the vacation she took by herself to Florida's Captiva Island, away from her obligations as a wife of a celebrity and mother of five.


At Appel Farm Arts Camp, friendships form fast and form strong. Campers and staff members alike often find people who they feel so connected to, it's almost like they've known eachother their whole lives! We love that strong friendships last a lifetime here at Appel Farm. So, we take every opportunity possible to bond, grow, and support camp friendships in new and interesting ways. 


It's all about balance. You've heard how busy your children will be, with four classes a day, bunk clean-up and community responsibilities, trips and special events... When do they relax and decompress? When do they hang out with friends and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine? Free time!


What can one do with a gazillion feet of snow? If the idea of shoveling has you down, check out some of these awesome snow sculptures, and find some motivation to make one of your own!  


Getting back your forgotten items has never looked so good! At Appel Farm Arts camp, all the fun of summertime activities can mean that little items get left behind here or there. That’s no big deal, one item added to the lost and found every now and again couldn’t be so much to sort through, right?


The Sports & Swim program at Appel Farm is safe, well-supervised, and non-competitive, and offers instruction in skill building and teamwork. 


Appel Farm's Camp Directors are an hosting ice cream party near your town! Families are invited to join us for a free ice cream, to reunite with friends or to learn about Appel Farm.


Develop your own photo, direct a zombie movie, animate a cartoon, make your ideas come to life with photography and video.

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