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When is the last time you climbed a tree?


Artists being inspired by other artists.


Educating the whole child needs to include the Arts! Last Thursday, the Senate approved a rewrite of federal education law. With this new model, the Arts will be taught in schools as a regularly and treated as an essential part to a “well-rounded education”.


Attention actors and designers! Read lots of insider information for campers interested in studying Theater Performance and Technical Theater at Appel Farm!


At some point in the past 55 years, a genius put picnic tables in front of the bunks at Appel Farm Arts Camp. Then another genius painted them all green. Then a group of geniuses memorialized them in the Appel Farm Song.


An easy fun alternative to traditional tie dyeing!


Scavenger Stunts – Appel Farm builds community with games, strategy, and a good deal of silliness!


Pick up an instrument, warm up your vocal chords, and prepare to join the musical storm at Appel Farm!


Searching though the archives, some camp photos are instantly recognizable. It doesnt matter if it was the 80s, 90s, or 00s. You are right there with camp friends, arms around each other, having fun... But then you see a photo that must have some explanation, but what is it? 


Welcome to the Appel Farm School Year Blog! Each week campers, staff, and parents will be treated to something new! From Motivation Monday through Fun Friday, each weekly blog will highlight a different theme and core value. 

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