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Today is a busy day, as we’re getting ready for the Mini-session showcase for our 2-week campers! This is a day filled with performances, art shows, video shows, theater, and we’ll even have some four-legged friends on camp for our horseback riding showcase. Everyone, including parents, will be able to see all of the amazing work our campers were able to produce in just two weeks! It is quite amazing to see the talent that comes out of the campers here at Appel Farm.


Friday was a great day where we were able to have tons of fun before we begin the performances and art shows for our Mini Session Showcase! Two-week campers are finishing up their projects in majors and minors, and our other campers continued their great work. Some of our theater majors are working on their stage combat techniques, as well as some makeup to make us look like monsters. Our rock bands’ songs sound incredible and ready for everyone to hear them, and some of our dancers have so perfected their routines for the show that they were able to take some time to relax.


Drop Dead, Juliet  (2 week)
by Allison Williams


We had a great day of majors and minors today. Our two-weekers are getting ready for the mini-session showcase, and our 4-weekers are continuing to work on their projects. The painting classes are working on learning color theory and self-portraits. Our functional ceramics class has just finished glazing their whistles (which wound and look great!). Over in the theater department, our behind-the-scenes stage crew and set design classes are working on making props and set pieces for our plays and musicals coming up.


Today was a great day back to classes after yesterday’s Beach Day. We all got a great night of sleep and were recharged and ready to get to our majors and minors. Sadly our 2-weekers are almost done, but that means that they have some amazing work to show! We’re getting super excited for our mini-session showcase, which highlights all the great art, music, dances, videos, and plays that the campers have been so passionate about. We also got a chance to explore these different passions in our department workshops.


Today after majors, we had a very exciting trip to Avalon for Beach Day! This is a nice little break from classes, and gives everyone a chance to relax in the sun and sand (and eat some junk food). We had a lot of fun playing in the amazingly refreshing ocean, being fascinated with all the tiny clams that were washing up onto the beach. We were also able to walk the streets of Avalon, looking for ways to spend the $15 allotted for the day. It is always interesting to see the treasures that some of the campers come back with!


Tonight we had some very special guests here at Appel Farm! Our evening activity was a performance by the West Philadelphia Orchestra. They put on an amazing show, and even showed us a few dance moves before the show in a workshop during Afternoon Free Choice. We got to show off the moves they taught us during the performance, as almost everyone was up off their feet dancing by the stage in the theater. Some campers were even lucky enough to go up on stage to dance with the band!


4-Week, 6-Week and 8-Week Camper Families, You're Invited to Family Visiting Day!


You're invited to our Mini-Session Showcase! On Saturday, July 11, 2015. The schedule is as follows:


Today is the first full Sunday of camp. That means that it is much more relaxed, as we do not have our majors and minors today. Breakfast is a bit later, to give campers a little more time to sleep in, which they'll need since they've been so busy this week! We also have our Sunday workshops. Each counselor creates a fun workshop for the campers to participate in, and they are able to choose whichever, and how many, they want to take part in. Check back tomorrow to find out which workshops we had, and in the meantime, take a look at the photos from yesterday’s classes!

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