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It’s hard to believe that we are halfway through the first week of camp already! We’re getting into the groove of our majors and minors, and everyone is getting started on their art projects, songs, and plays. Last night we had our staff concert, where members of the staff could come up on stage to show the campers their (sometimes hidden) talents. It was a great first concert of camp, and there were a lot of talented acts. Take a look at the photos to see some of the instructors showing how passionate they are in the art they are sharing with the campers.


Classes are underway here at camp and the kids (and instructors) are getting excited about what they are going to learn this summer. We’ve gotten the introductions out of the way and are ready to get to the good stuff! The photo majors are getting to know their cameras and some of them are all ready to start taking amazing photographs. The musicians are out there making music that you can hear from all over camp. Art projects are underway in the Art Barn, and the ceramics classes are currently making whistles out of clay. There are also a lot of fun minors happening this session.


Monday was the first day of classes for our campers at Appel Farm. It is always a hectic day when the camp becomes alive with the buzz of children around camp getting to their classes. It was a day of learning new faces and places that will become familiar this week. To help everyone get to know their surroundings, we participated in a Scavenger Hunt around the camp. Each bunk dressed up in their most creative costumes and paraded around camp looking for the next location indicated by their clue.


 Today was a busy, eventful day at Appel Farm! Our campers have finally arrived and the Summer is ready to begin. Although everyone has said their goodbyes to loved ones, they’ve also said hello to so many new friends today. We’ve all met our bunk counselors and bunkmates, and are trying to remember all the names we’ve learned. Everyone gathered together tonight at our Welcome Extravaganza to watch the staff introduce themselves on stage so the campers can get to know who they will be spending their summer with.


Everyone at Appel Farm has been working hard all week to get the camp ready for the fun and excitement that comes with the arrival of the campers. After all, they are what make Appel Farm come to life! We have been preparing ourselves for everything this summer has in store for the campers, making sure that everything from the Scavenger Hunt to Beach Day to the Friday Night Concerts will be fun and most importantly safe for everyone. We had tons of fun, but it was nothing compared to how much fun it will be once the campers get here tomorrow!


First Session Minor Choices

Our talented staff has worked for weeks to plan the best minors yet, and we're excited to introduce this session's offerings. All minors are available for our 2, 4, 6, and 8-week campers!

Click here to download the file from our website.


"Here’s the thing. An escalating word count does not create inspiration. Inspiration creates words on the page. And paint on the canvas. A song sung with more than perfect pitch. A dance where passion overshadows technique." Read these and other words about inspiration and motivation from our new Head of South, Julie Cross.


We are counting down the days until Camp 2015, and it won't be long before you arrive at camp for summer of fun, friends, and the arts! We want you to have all the details about Check-In Day so your camper's first day at camp goes smootlhy. Of course, it will help if you have all your camp forms in first! Read on to learn all about our dates, schedule, and procedures for Check-In Day!


What happens when a bunch of alumni meet in Central Park? A wonderful afternoon ensues!


Check-In Day is winding down, you've met the nurses and your camper's counselors, helped your camper unpack, confirmed classes, and now what... How do you say goodbye? When children leave home for sleepaway camp, sometimes campers and parents struggle with separation anxiety. Read on for some tips for how to cope!

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