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Today was our first “Lazy Sunday” of second session, and it was a fun one! On Sundays in place of majors and minors, we have a bunch of fun workshops for campers to choose from. Each counselor sets up their own workshop, and anyone can attend. This week we had a lot of fun ones, including a DIY spa with face masks, learning the many card games of Appel Farm, bead-making, figure drawing, and of course, Golfball! Campers are also able to spend the day relaxing and recharging for the week ahead.



Tonight was super exciting, as we had our first Friday Night Concert of second session! This is a night of performances by campers who are eager to show us just how exceptionally talented they are. We had an entire bunk from Hill perform a dance number, a cute duet by Izzy and Kennedy, a ukulele solo by Violet, a dance by Kaylin, and a rock band with the guys of bunks 25 & 26. It was great to see everyone come out of their shell and onto the stage, and we can’t wait to see who will sign up for the next one!


It was another fun-filled day at Appel Farm today. We’ve been working super hard in our majors and minors, and getting settled into the camp routine. Our photography students have been out taking pictures, and some of them are already on their way to making prints. Our plays were announced for the theater department, which we’ll provide more details on soon, and the campers have started rehearsals. It looks like we’re in for an exciting performance week! Our rock band have picked out their songs and started jamming. Our drawing & painting students have their artwork in full swing.


Today we are halfway through our first week of second session! It’s feels as though we’ve been here much longer because we’ve already made such amazing friends and produced some pretty great work so far. There is a key element to the success of our summers here at Appel Farm, and that is the staff members who will be teaching the campers everything they know! To give everyone a glimpse of the talent that the instructors hold, we had our Staff Concert last night. We saw singing, dancing, reading of spoken word, poems with dance, and even a live haircut!


We had another great day of classes today, and everyone is getting into the swing of things. Campers have had a chance to see what their majors & minors are like, and also had the opportunity to change some classes around if they didn’t think they were the right fit. But everyone is already getting a lot of work done! Our dancers are beginning their choreography, musicians are writing or learning how to play songs, the costume designers are learning the basics like how to hem pants, and the video department is busy brainstorming for their future projects.


The first full day of session two at Appel Farm was amazing! We started our majors and minors, and everyone is getting to know the people in their bunk and classes. There were a lot of get-to-know-you games, and getting acquainted with the spaces around camp for classes. In a couple days, everyone is going to be an expert on getting to class and making amazing work when they get there. For now everyone is settling into the routine and bonding with the people around them. To help along with this process, we got together as bunk groups tonight to have our super exciting Scavenger Hunt!


It’s the arrival day for Session 2 of Appel Farm Arts and Music Camp 2015 and we are so excited to have all of the campers here with us! The first day is always full of so many things; campers arriving and checking in, meeting counselors and bunkmates and signing up for classes. Everyone was making new friends, and some were reuniting with old ones while taking their tours of camp. We ate our first dinner together, spent some time bonding with our bunk areas and then headed to the theatre for our Welcome Extravaganza!


We see a lot of different faces every summer here at Appel Farm. They are the faces of our new friends, our old friends, our teachers, our mentors, our family. People that we do not want to forget. Luckily for us, we have someone who preserves everyone in our memories by making portraits of them as part of Faces of Appel Farm. Every session during camp, our very own Sarv goes around and makes a portrait of just about every camper and staff member. Some of these photos live on the walls of the dining hall during the summer, but for now you can find them here.


We had so many amazing performances this week. Thursday was the last full day of camp, and though we are sad to see our awesome set of first session campers go, they left us on a very high note with the showing of She Kills Monsters, the Art and Photo show, and our dance show, Static. Every single camper who was up on stage, or had a piece of art around camp, showed us just how much talent one person can hold. It was incredible to see the outcome of all the hard work that these campers put into the things they are passionate about.

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