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We have an awesome community at Appel Farm! Get to know our campers, alumni, staff, and parents!


From Early Bird Swim to Fireside Chat... Read all about a day in the life of an Appel Farmer!


Tomorrow, April 22nd, is Earth Day. Every year, Earth Day is celebrated worldwide as a demonstration of support for environmental protection.

Creating a piece of art from found objects is an ideal way to celebrate Earth Day and a perfect example of the recycling slogan “renew, reuse, recycle” in action. The term "found art" describes art created from objects that are not normally considered art. Marcel Duchamp was the originator of this in the early 20th century.


Three of Appel Farm’s summer staff were recently published in the book Extraordinary Gifts: Remarkable Women of the Delaware Valley”.  Read about our very own remarkable womern: Nancy Kern, Jessica Padilla, and Melissa Tevere!


Gaga is played in a large octagon called the “Gaga Pit”. The word “Ga” is derived from the Hebrew word for “hit” or
“touch” so Gaga means hitting or touching the ball twice. Gaga begins with every player having at least one hand
touching the wall. One player (usually the previous game’s winner) throws the Gaga ball up into the air and attempts to
get it to bounce as close to the middle of the Gaga pit as possible. As the ball bounces, all players say "Ga" one time for


Art Is Fun!


Winston Churchill, in addition to being one of the greatest leaders of the 20th Century, was also a painter.  Churchill began painting at the age of 40.  He painted purely as a hobby, though some critics have said that he could have been a great and professional painter if he hadn’t been so busy leading the world!

About painting, he wrote:


Campers are creative here, we encourage that.  Not just in their classes, where creativity is evident, but all the time. Here are some unique ways our campers express creativity throughout the day:


If you are a parent, a camper, a staff member, an alumni or just browsing for fun ideas, you'll want to check out our Appel Farm Arts Camp Pinterest page.  Lots of great stuff on there from camp games and crafts, to packing ideas, to recipes, and campfire stories.  We'll keep pinning away!


This past Monday, Appel Farm directors hit the road and visited over 20 families from New York and New Jersey. We got to enjoy ice cream and talk about camp, which is always refreshing in these cold, winter months. 


We have an awesome community at Appel Farm! Get to know our campers, alumni, staff, and parents!

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