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We had our last majors and minors of Session 2 today.  With the abundance of performances and extra busy schedules, we freed up our last couple days of camp by wrapping up classes today.  Although it will be sad not to go to our classes on Wednesday, we all learned and grew so much because of our fantastic majors and minors, and the instructors who helped us along the way!  The next couple days will be filled up with a bunch of tech rehearsals, preparation for the visual arts showcase, workshops, and some relaxing free time.


Monday was the first day of Performance Week for the second session at Appel Farm this Summer! We had our majors and minors as usual, with our campers busy finishing art work, perfecting choreography, getting the tempo just right, writing artist statements, practicing stage presence and everything else they'll need to prepare for the craziness that is performance week!


We had a nice relaxing Sunday today at Appel Farm. Campers had a lot of options today, as breakfast was optional (and later than usual so we could get more sleep) and we also got to choose between a bunch of super fun workshops. There was a friendship making workshop with Sarah, open studios in the art barn, an open darkroom for the photographers who would like to make more prints before the show, and some jam sessions for people who just wanted to spend the day playing music.


4-Week and 8-Week Camper Families, You're Invited to Second Session Performance Week! 

The performance schedule, attached below, has a list of all the campers and when they will be performing. Also, your campers and Bunk Counselors will be in touch with an update about your camper and to confirm their performances via a fun postcard that was in the mail to you earlier this week! We're excited to see you for these amazing performances!


We’re getting closer and closer to performance week, and that means we are busier than ever in our classes! Our ceramic students have had an exciting few days as they have the wood kiln firing up a lot of their creations. It requires wood to be burned in it constantly, so everyone is working hard on it. Our dancers are solidifying their choreography, the musicians are fine-tuning their songs, and the photographers are churning out prints in the darkroom. The artwork in the Art Barn is looking amazing, and the video students are getting the last of their footage.


Things got a bit flipped upside down today. We had visitors from many different dimensions…a couple Doctors you might be familiar with, some guy named Marty, a princess, and some kind of evil villain looking to turn the day upside down at Appel Farm. It started with the meals, breakfast wasn’t like it normally was…instead it was pizza. Things got stranger as we had our minors first, then lunch, and then our majors. Luckily, things got back to normal at “breakfast” and then we had our Friday Night Concert! Sadly, it is our last Friday Night Concert of the season.


Today was a jam-packed day for our campers! Since it was stormy here on Tuesday, we switched our trip day to Thursday so that we could make sure we had the maximum amount of fun when we went off camp. Before we left for our trips we had majors, although today we added a little twist. We had our In-reach program, where we invite guests to Appel Farm so that we can show them what we do during classes and have them participate with the campers.


Last night, the weather decided to cooperate with us and wait to rain until we fell asleep, so we were able to have our Acoustic Campfire! This is a great night of performances that do not require a mic or any kind of electric equipment. Before the performance officially started, we got together to sing a few campfire songs. This includes a lot of repeat-after-me songs and songs that involve a lot of hand motions and dancing.


Once everyone got back from visiting day, we brought our very own carnival to Appel Farm! It was complete with fortune telling, nail painiting, hand-drawn portraits, ‘psychus’ done by Sarv and Zoungey, and even cotton candy and popcorn. There was also a booth set up for campers to write “warm & fuzzies” which are positive little messages that we send in the mail to the people we want to say something nice to. And of course, there was music so we could dance the night away. It was also a great way to welcome our brand new one-week campers to Appel Farm.


Although we had to part with our two-week campers this morning, last night we got to see some incredible performances by our friends. The entire afternoon and evening was filled with so much talent, it’s hard to believe we were able to pack that much incredible-ness into one day! We started the day as usual with majors, then had shortened minors in the afternoon to make sure we had time to see our horseback riders in action.

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