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The Appel Core is the official newsletter of Appel Farm Arts Camp, which will be posted to our website for campers, staff, and alumni each October, January, March, and May, before our Journalism campers take over for the summer.

March 2014 Appel CoreMarch 2014

95 days and counting...

We are counting the days until camp, but let’s not forget that we have a chance to hang out with you all at the Appel Farm Spring Reunion at the Funplex on March 29th! Come! Everyone is invited, campers, alumni, families and friends!

Until then, please enjoy meeting camp alumnae, Aleksandr Akulov, and learn what Sarv thinks about the Light from the Stars. Check out our talented campers’ poetry and artwork, see who had ice cream with us, and read all about Saucy Sam’s adventures! See who’s already signed up, and continue your countdown to Camp 2014!

So many veteran campers are registered, and new campers are pouring in, too! Sessions are starting to fill up, and we are starting waiting lists in some age groups! Also, if you are applying for a scholarship or tuition assistance, it’s time to get your application in. The deadline for scholarship application is March 31, 2014.

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