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The Appel Core is the official newsletter of Appel Farm Arts Camp, which will be posted to our website for campers, staff, and alumni each October, January, March, and May, before our Journalism campers take over for the summer.

February 2017

maycoverAppel Farm LOVES You!

We love and miss our camp family! Things are way too quiet at Appel Farm these days, and we can’t wait to have you all back this summer! In the meantime, we hope you enjoy our second Appel Core of the season! A new edition of the Appel Core will be posted to our web site again in March, and May, before campers take over this summer.

This issue is packed with exciting updates, stories, and memories from summer 2016. Read Sarv’s corner, meet camp alumni Daniel Gittler, and connect with us on all your social media accounts to make the days until summer fly by!

Until camp…
Tracy and Cara

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