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Preparing for Camp 2017:

For over 55 years, summers at Appel Farm have fed the imaginations of thousands of young people as they have developed talents, interacted with artists from around the world and made friendships that last a lifetime. This summer, you will play a vital role in forming the unique community of extraordinary artists, caring staff and experienced professionals that develops at Appel Farm each year, and we are eagerly awaiting your arrival!

As you prepare for camp over the next couple of months, we are sure you will have questions about what your summer at Appel Farm holds in store. Rest assured that when you arrive at camp for Staff Week, you will spend nearly a week of orientation settling into a new home and getting to know the artists and educators with whom you will be spending the summer. You will also learn about the history and philosophy of Appel Farm, and participate in workshops that will provide you with the resources you will need to assume the unique role of an Appel Farm staff member.

In the meantime, click on the links below for information we hope will answer some of your questions, and let you know what steps you need to take before coming to camp. Your Department Head will also be in touch with more information about how to prepare to teach at Appel Farm.

Please contact us with your ideas and questions, and have a safe and pleasant trip to Appel Farm!

Staff Handbook:

Please read the Staff Handbook before arriving at camp. Staff members will need to read and understand the Staff Handbook, which includes new information each summer, to participate in Staff Week training and fulfill their responsibilities throughout the summer.

Click on the Staff Handbook link to read about our Core Values and goals for camp, counseling and teaching at Appel Farm, the daily schedule, our programs and activities, visitor policies, camp rules, communication, evaluation, supervision and safety, healthcare, meals, bunk and community responsibilities, facility care and laundry, supplies, and staff time off.

Once you have read the Staff Handbook, please click below to let us know that you have read the handbook, understand the importance of the information within the handbook, and are ready to participate in Staff Week training and fulfill your responsibilities throughout the summer.

Click here to let us know you read the Staff Handbook by June 12.

Get Started:

  • Download and read Staff Welcome Packet. While reading, you will notice a few things you have to do to prepare for camp, including completing all of your Camp Forms through Camp InTouch.
  • Friend us on Facebook! Accept our invite to join 2017 Staff: Appel Farm Arts Camp, and introduce yourself!

Log into your CampInTouch account to complete your camp forms by May 31st:

Click here to complete log in to your account, and then click on the yellow pencil Forms & Documents link to access camp forms.

  • Staff Contract (Don’t wait, please send your signed contract as soon as possible.)
  • Staff Transportation Form
  • Travel Expenses Form (or submit on Check-In Day)
  • Workshop Form
  • Health History
  • Mental, Social, and Emotional Health (This form will be available based on your health history.)
  • Staff Photo (250 x 250)

Read, Think, Plan:

Travel & Time Off
Packing for Camp
Helping with Homesickness
Counseling at Appel Farm (Part 1)
Counseling at Appel Farm (Part 2)
Curriculum Guide (Dept. Head will send via email)
Teaching at Appel Farm (Dept. Head will send via email)