Trips & Outreach

Beach Day

Beach Day, one of our biggest Appel Farm traditions, offers campers an afternoon of sunshine and fun with friends at the beach. During the On this day, we skip minors and head to Avalon, NJ, where campers and staff can swim and play at the beach, hang out at the arcade on the boardwalk, or walk into town for a little shopping.

Trip Day

Trip Day is a time for each Bunk Area to go on a recreational trip or adventure! Our younger campers in North & Coop will go to the beach in Avalon, NJ. Our older campers in Hill & South will enjoy the beach and the boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ.

Department Trips

Department Trips enhance the curricula for many of our core programs, and many campers will take an off-camp trip as part of one of their majors or minors. Trips to concerts by The Philadelphia Orchestra, special exhibitions at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, glassblowing demonstrations at Wheaton Arts, filmmaking workshops at Drexel University and photography shoots at the Salem County Fair have been popular in the past.


Inreach programs offer a very special opportunity for sharing a wealth of talent with children and adults in the region who often have very little access to the arts. Campers and staff organize programs ranging from concerts, skits, and dance performances to hands-on arts workshops for young and old. In working with people who rarely have opportunities to engage in arts activities, our campers become teachers and gain new insights into the impact of the arts on other people’s lives. These guests from the community come to camp for the day to engage with our campers for a meaningful, positive experience.