Visual Arts

Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Ceramics, and moreThrow a pot, paint a mural, or sculpt your wildest dreams. Possibilities are endless when you let your imagination take the lead.

  • Campers learn to use a variety of artistic tools including pottery wheels, welding and glass torches, printing press, and more.
  • Individual and Collaborative projects with an emphasis on process learning
  • Electric, Gas, and Unique Noborigama Wood-fired Kilns
  • Informal Class Critiques, Art History and Appreciation
  • Families Invited to a Formal Gallery Show Each Session
  • Spacious new art building houses large, open studios and gallery

Electric, Gas and Unique Noborigama Wood-Fired KilnsVisual Arts Majors

Campers in the Visual Arts program choose a specific medium to study, learning and practicing new skills and techniques, and working on projects. Campers learn to work with a variety of artistic tools including a printing press, loom, pottery wheels, welding and glass torches, and electric, gas, and unique Noborigama wood-fired kilns. They also participate in informal class critiques and learn about art history.

Major I Classes
  • Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture, Fiber Arts & Crafts
Major II Classes
  • Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture, Multimedia Art & Printmaking

Visual Arts Minors

We have a unique staff with a wide variety of specialized skills. Every summer, we strive to design classes that capitalize off of our staff's special strengths. So, minor class lists change a little every year. 

Examples of Past Minor Classes
  • Illustration & Comic Book Art, Painting on Alternative Surfaces, Sculptural Ceramics, Functional Ceramics, Mixed Media Sculptures, Jewelry Making, and Fabric Art

Some of our classes are in such high demand that they're offered as both Majors AND Minors, such as Green Corp and LEGO® Robotics and Design!

Check out this slide show of some of our talented Visual Arts campers showing off their skills! 

Appel Farm Arts Camp