Sports & Swim

Tennis, Soccer and Group GamesLearn to swim, score a goal, serve a ball, practice the sun salutation – stretch!


  • Safe, well-supervised, and non-competitive programs
  • Instruction in skill, technique and teamwork
  • Optional sporting events during Free-Choice
  • Facilities include a basketball court, 2 tennis courts, 3 athletic fields
  • Group games: basketball, baseball, cricket, and more
  • Yoga and aerobics offered 3-4 times per week


  • 25 meter swimming pool and a smaller recreational pool
  • Lap swimming available every morning
  • Free-swim every afternoon open to all campers

Instructional and Free SwimMajors

Instructional Swim, Tennis, Soccer, Group Games


Instructional Swim, Water Ballet, Tennis, British World Team Sports

Appel Farm Arts Camp