Music & Recording Arts

music camp practice at sleepaway music camp NJ

Pick up an instrument, warm up your vocal chords, and prepare to join the musical storm - music is always happening at Appel Farm.


  • Private lessons, studio classes, ensembles and varied performance opportunities
  • Programs and ensembles in Classical, Jazz, Rock, Pop Music and more
  • Training in Composition, Conducting, Music Appreciation, History, Theory and Musicianship
  • A variety of indoor and outdoor performance and private practice facilities

Recording Arts

  • You may record original music with a band, design sound effects for a play, and create a soundtrack for a video.
  • Digital Recording Studio with Pro Tools audio workstation technology 

rock camp jam at sleepaway summer camp NJMajors

Recording Arts, String Ensemble (violin, viola, cello), Wind & Woodwind Ensemble (flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe), Brass Ensemble (trumpet, trombone), Percussion Ensemble, Orchestra, Jazz and Concert Bands, Rockestra (acoustic guitar and electric guitars, electric bass), Rock Band, Piano, Chorus, Rock Vocals

If your instrument is not listed - call us!

Examples of Past Minors

Chamber Music, Funk Band, Singing/Songwriting, and Beginning Guitar

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