Creative Writing

Poetry, Creative Non-Fiction, Short Story Writing, JournalismWrite a short story, report on the latest news, perform in a poetry slam!

  • Explore structure, voice and characterization in any style of writing you choose such as poetry, creative non-fiction, and short-story writing
  • Create a publish summer issues of the Appel Core newsletter in journalism





Spoken Word PerformanceCreative Writing Majors

Campers practice writing every day, writing from prompts or developing their own ideas, and they also publish summer issues of the Literary Magazine and the Appel Core newsletter.

Majors Class
  • Creative Writing

Creative Writing Minors

Our Minor class lists are updated every summer, to reflect the unique interests and strengths of our staff.

Examples of Past Minor Classes
  • Memoir Writing
  • Fashion Journalism
  • Story Writing,
  • Memoirs
  • Playwriting
  • Creative Writing RPG-Style
  • Fan Fiction
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