First-Time Campers

Request Your Appel Farm Family Care PackageWe understand that homesickness can be a problem for children living away from home. Our counselors will work closely with your child to ensure a smooth transition into camp life. First-time campers can also take advantage of our Appel Farm Family Care Package designed especially to help camper families prepare for camp.

The information in our Appel Farm Family Care Package will help your family get the most out of camp by preventing homesickness and preparing for a wonderful camp experience! Here’s what you can find in your Appel Farm Family Care Package:

  • Christopher Thurber’s DVD/CD program “The Secret Ingredients to Summer Camp Success”
  • Helpful tips to help you and your child prepare for camp
  • Information about daily life at Appel Farm
  • A handy card to help your child prepare for sunny days at camp, and avoid the blues.

Request your care package when you register for camp, and start preparing for a summer that will last a lifetime!

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