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The fantastical world of Harry Potter swept over Appel Farm Arts Camp Wednesday for the once-a-session surprise Theme Day! Bunk areas were given names akin to various student housing in the book series - i.e. HuffelSouth, GriffinNorth, RavenCoop, SliverHill - and came up with corresponding chants. Staff Members and campers alike got into characters of the magical world with creative costumes. Finally, the entire camp went on an evening scavenger hunt to find the ingredients needed for a potion to reverse a spell that turned one of our Staff Members into a snake!

by Jennie Quinn 08/11/11

Yesterday was Trip Day! Our campers from South set sail on the A.J. Meerwald, New Jersey's tall ship, North campers made friends with an albino alligator at the Cape May County Park and Zoo, campers from Coop got to Ride the Ducks in Philadelphia and our oldest campers in Hill went to the Safari and Amusement Park at 6 Flags Great Adventure!

by Jennie Quinn 08/10/11

Last night’s Staff Concert was a crowd-pleaser with everything from the Visual Arts department demonstrating live painting, to piano and guitar acts, to an original one-man performance. This morning, majors happen on the usual schedule. But Session II campers are going on fun field trips with their bunks this afternoon. South is going on an adventure to ride the A.J. Meerwald Tall Ship … North is off to the Cape May County Zoo … Coop is going to “Ride the Ducks” in Philadelphia … and Hill is going to Six Flags Great Adventure.

by Jennie Quinn 08/09/11

With the start of the week, campers put their noses back to the grindstone in their majors and minors … Dance students learned about some anatomy in their classes … Musicians learned chords, scales and songs - some preparing for the upcoming Friday Night and Camper-Counselor concerts …  Ceramics students were throwing on the wheel and building more pieces … other Visual Art campers were making headway on their sculptures, drawings, paintings and mixed media projects … and Theater students were practicing away in their various spaces.

by Jennie Quinn 08/08/11

Second Session Camp 2011

Monday, Aug. 15 - Shows Rescheduled

Camp is going great, and we are all excited for Performance Week! We did however, experience significant rains today, which unfortunately flooded our theater. Though everyone is safe, this does put a damper on Performance Week, so we will have to reschedule some of our performances until we can make sure the space is safe for our campers and audience. Our shows originally scheduled for Monday have been rescheduled for later this week, see below.

by Jennie Quinn 08/08/11

It was a super fun Sunday at Appel Farm Arts Camp, with the once-a-session Carnival. Campers had a chance to visit booths (manned by Staff Members) including Face Painting, Pillow Fights in Trash Cans, Friendship Bracelets, Water Gun Wars, Hair Decorations and Nail Painting, Stick Your Hand in Gross Things, Tarot Card Readings, and Psychic Art and Haiku. Campers also drew on the sidewalks near the pavilion with chalk, danced to some tunes and enjoyed some Cotton Candy from our first-ever booth!

by Jennie Quinn 08/08/11

Campus was abuzz Sunday, with nearly 70 mini-session campers departing camp, families and friends of the remaining four- and eight-week campers coming onto camp, and a yellow bus bringing campers who didn’t have visitors out for an ice cream adventure. Check out the photos of the morning … and stay tuned for photos of the Carnival … a Visiting Day evening tradition!

by Jennie Quinn 08/07/11

Saturday marked the last day of camp for our two-week campers. Majors and minors went on as usual (save for some technical rehearsals for performances) and the afternoon into evening was spent between the Mini-Session Showcase Visual Art & Photo Shows, Music performances and Theater & Dance performances. Many families came to Appel Farm to cheer their campers on … getting an opportunity to witness the creative process and observe the growth their children have experienced here.

by Jennie Quinn 08/06/11

Campers enjoyed getting a little dressed up, showing off their moves and socializing at the dance Friday evening – beneath the outdoor pavilion, decorated like the Amazon with long green streamers hanging down from the high roof and inhabited by Rainforest people and creatures. The Staff Member DJ played songs selections submitted by campers over the past week. Other activities were going on at various bunk areas for campers who wanted a more relaxed activity for the evening, and a small-venue-style concert was organized in one of the practice spaces.

by Jennie Quinn 08/06/11

Today’s photos show Theater Make-up students creating gruesome bruises and wounds … Sculpture campers wearing their most fashionable artwork, on their heads … the Green Corps starting a “moss mural” by painting a blended moss-buttermilk mixture on top of a sketch drawn on the side of a building … Swim campers cooling off in the pool … select bunks fulfilling their gardening responsibilities in the ¼ acre vegetable plot … Dance campers practicing their choreography … and other fun things going on at camp, like playing char

by Jennie Quinn 08/05/11
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