Live and work in a vibrant, creative community!Live and work with young artists and arts educators from around the world, gain valuable teaching experience, participate in camp activities, trips, and campfires, and be a part of a vibrant, creative community!

Appel Farm offers staff a unique and rewarding experience, with summer teaching positions available in music, theater, dance, visual arts, photography, video, creative writing, environmental education, sports & swim. We also hire lifeguards, nurses, office assistants, laundry staff, gardeners, bunk and department heads, and special programs leaders. 

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What our Staff has to say about working at Appel Farm...

Teach, live in a bunk with campers, and participate in fun camp activities!

Without question, I learned more in one summer at Appel Farm than I learned in four years of college. Appel Farm gave me the opportunity to teach young aspiring musicians who, in turn, helped me grow as a musician, a teacher and a person. — Tim Baker, Music Instructor

Appel Farm provides its Counselors with a supportive and enthusiastic environment, where opportunities to lead individual projects or work together within a creative team are boundless. Dedicated and hardworking leaders allow things to run smoothly. — Alice Bailey, Photography Instructor

Working at Appel Farm was truly one of the best and most rewarding experiences of my life... It is a supportive environment where a lot of responsibility and trust is handed to staff members, even first-year staff like myself. The campers are encouraged, like the staff, to be participants and catalysts, not just bystanders and followers. This spirit helps us all get things done, makes us feel good about each other and ourselves and what we accomplish. — Zoungy Kligge, Visual Arts Instructor

As I head back for my third summer, I am thinking about why I come back. The reasons are simple. I work in a very supportive and creative environment with people who appreciate my work and me. I make friends from all over the world and share in their cultures and experiences, as they do mine. I meet, live and work with kids who remind me just how wonderful it is to be an artist, in any field. I have fun! — Jeff Peck, Head of Theater

I found something at Appel Farm that I have been searching for, for a long time. I found a community where I felt at home. Beyond that I felt important and integral. As comfortable as I felt there I also felt constantly challenged, whether it was dealing with a kid in my bunk or trying to push one of my students to the next level, I had to constantly try to see things in a new way and from a new perspective. I was seeing the world in a new way, with such clarity and open mindedness. I grew more in those 2 months than in the last four years. — Molly Soloway, Photography Instructor and Bunk Counselor

I first came to Appel Farm because my daughter, Hira, was interested in getting involved in theater. That was 21 years ago. Hira went on to work in computer graphics after spending only one session at camp — I have continued to come back every summer since. The bottom line is that I keep coming back to this strange place because it provides me with an opportunity to grow. Appel Farm is a community of artists, young and old, that end up discovering more about themselves than they would have thought. — Sarvananda Bluestone, Head Counselor

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