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Gaga, one of our favorite free-time activities at Appel Farm, is played in a large octagon called the “Gaga Pit”. The word “ga” is derived from the Hebrew word for “hit” or “touch” so Gaga means hitting or touching the ball twice. Learn all the rules, and come to camp ready to play!


Learn how your camper will contribute to our community this summer: Community Outreach, Community Responsibilities, and Bunk Clean-Up!


Join alumni Mike Dorwart and Ben Fink on a trip through the video archives of summers (way, way past)...


Look to a friend for motivation and inspiration!


Remember that time you lived with 20-30 of your closet friends, spent your nights playing games, talking, and making memories together?

We do; and we have the photos to prove it!


At Appel Farm, we believe every young person is good.  But what happens when one of those good young people does something "bad"?


Every other Sunday at camp is a relaxing day filled with great choices! 


On this Fun Friday, we can't think of anything better than all of the fun we are going to have at the Appel Farm Spring Reunion @ The Funplex! 


This is our version of golf at camp.  #TBT to Golf Ball through the years.  Brining it back strong for summer of 2015!  


Look to a friend for motivation and inspiration!

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