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Last night’s Dinner Dance was a spectacular success! The theme this year was “Intergalactic Space Cruise.” The counselors dressed as alien flight attendants and served all the campers, fulfilling their every wish, including the ridiculous ones! There was even in flight entertainment. The kitchen’s exploding chicken and vegetable lasagna were crowd favorites as always. Once the rocket ship reached its destination, the passengers were invited to make their way to the pavilion, or the Observation Deck, to marvel at the stars and dance all night.


Last night’s Friday Night Concert was absolutely packed full of talent!  First, we had a set of twins MC-ing and they were fantastic entertainment between acts.  Then, there were a bunch of amazing acts!  We had singers, flutists, pianists, dancers, rappers, and gymnasts.  It was a great showcase of the many talents that campers work on while at camp!


We had a bunch of really cool things happening on camp yesterday.  It was Twin Day, so campers and counselors were encouraged to dress like twins all day and then we had a really fun photo shoot for all of our twins.  Also, the CITs (Counselors-in-Training) spent the evening Ocean City, NJ having a ton of fun walking around the boardwalk. Lastly, we had some amazing and super fun workshops hosted by groups of counselors.  The workshops were a Counselor Safari, Psyku’s, Sci-Fi Kazoos, Golfball, and book making.


With a little over a week left of camp, we’re trying to squeeze in as much fun as possible.  We had a lot of fun at the Staff Concert last night with a ton of amazing performances like classical guitar, tap dancing, and a glowstick show.  We also had some incredible MC’s that did mini-scenes between each act that involved some of our favorite Disney characters!  We still have so many exciting activities planned before the end of camp!  We have workshops, a Friday Night Concert, Alumni Day, and the Dinner Dance.



After a tiring afternoon away from camp, we all enjoyed a relaxing Movie Night.  Campers could choose between Madagascar 3, Warm Bodies, and The Amazing Spider-Man.  The campers brought pillows and blankets, ate some popcorn, and enjoyed watching the movie. 


We’ve entered into our last two weeks of Camp 2013!  But, before we can start thinking about the end of camp, we still have so many amazing things left to do!  Today was one of the most anticipated days of the summer: Trip Day!  After lunch, each bunk area loaded up on buses to head out for Trip Day.  South went to the Philadelphia Zoo to see the gorillas, tigers, monkeys, and reptiles.  North headed back to Avalon to enjoy a second day at the beach.  With fewer campers, they were able to spread out and really enjoy the beach and going into town.  Coop’s b



         It is a beautiful day here at Appel Farm! The Team Sports class played in the pool today and the CITs are planning their surprise. It is sure to be very entertaining!


Saturday was our last full day for our Mini-Session 2 campers.  But, before we said goodbye to all those amazing campers, we had a very full day of performances.  The Video Show started the night with movies that ranged from horror to sketch comedy, followed by videos from our Sports & Swim department.  We saw them playing tennis, volleyball, soccer, and dancing in the pool.  The last performance in the first act was Spoken Word Poetry and Solo Performances.


To kick off our two days of performances, the horse back riders wowed the crowd with Quadrille and Vaulting.  Quadrille is a choreographed dance or movement on horseback, the campers lead the horses in complicated patterns by crossing around each other or lining up in formations.  The next part of the show was Vaulting, which is gymnastics on horse back.  The campers rode horses backwards, upside down, and backwards and everyone was so impressed by what these campers achieved in just two weeks.


4-Week and 8-Week Camper Families, You're Invited to Second Session Performance Week! Click on the blog for more details!

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