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At home through the year, there are occasional celebrations where you may dress up in a silly costume.  Halloween, a costume party, or maybe pajama day at school.  There’s usually a reason to dress up when you do, a purpose for the silly behavior, and surrounding you are others joining in the fun. 


Welcome to the Appel Farm School Year Blog! Each week campers, staff, and parents will be treated to something new! From Moitvation Monday through Fun Friday, each weekly blog will highlight a different theme and core value. 


Three cheers to New Jersey state senator Richard Cody (D – Essex) who is about to introduce a bill that would direct the state Department of Education to study the potential health benefits of starting middle and high school students’ days later.  Says Codey:

“Studies show that our current school start time system is flipped the wrong way.  Middle and high school start times are too early and elementary and pre-k classes are too late."

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends an 8:30am school start time for adolescents:


Last weekend, Appel Farm Arts and Music Center hosted the folks from the Philadelphia Folk Song Society for their annual Fall Fling.  The PFSS musicians have been holding a Fall Fling for over 25 years but this was their first year communing at Appel Farm.  This was a true meeting of like-minded spirits – both the Philadelphia Folk Song Society and Appel Farm have a shared mission of promoting arts and music now and for the future.


Join us for the 37th annual Fall Fling; a unique annual overnight weekend experience with family and friends that features song circles, jam sessions, open mic events, crafts, workshops for kids and adults, camping, and more! For guests who wish to visit for the day only, the Folk Faire will be held on Saturday, September 20 from 1:00 – 6:00pm with a special evening concert by four-time Grammy award nominees Trout Fishing in America.


Today was our last full day of camp, and it started off with a bang! The cast and crew of "The Music, Man" put on a stylized production of the classic show, "The Music Man" with some of the original songs, and a few modernized songs with new lyrics to fit in to the plot of the play! It sure was a sight to see, they were even backed by one of our rock bands! 


Today we had a fun start to our day, and didn't have any majors or minors as we are in the midst of performance week. First up for performaces was the cast and crew of the play "Who Am I This Time?" which is an incredible story about a small town's theatre and a man who has next to no emotion in real life but is full of it on stage, and a young woman who is new in town and works for the telephone company who is just right to play Stella from "A Street Car Named Desire".


It was a rainy day here at camp, and our last day of majors and minors for our campers. Unfortunately our Horseback Riding Show had to be moved off camp due to rain. It's such a shame becacuse it was such an incredible show to watch! Our campers who minor in horseback riding learn so much more than that one skill. They first learn how to properly care for their horse which they are paired with at the beginning of a session. Depending on prior skill level they can learn from basics, to competitive equestrian level riding.


It’s our first day of performance week! That means during majors and minors our shows that went on tonight were busy tech-ing and putting last minute touches on their performances. But, all of our other campers were still busy finishing art work, perfecting choreography, getting the tempo just right, writing artist statements, practicing stage presence and everything under the sun to get them ready for their chance to shine later this performance week.


It was such an eventful day here at Appel Farm, and as with most Sundays, we slept in just a little bit and had donuts for breakfast and then had optional workshops. Sadly this was the last day for our new 1-week friends, but we were fortunate enough to have a showcase for them to present what they learned here at camp! 

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