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4-Week, 6-Week and 8-Week Camper Families, You're Invited to Family Visiting Day!

When: Sunday, July 6th @10:00am-6:00pm


This Thursday here at Appel Farm was full of campers preparing for the Mini Showcase that is happening this Saturday! Theather Techies were perfecting their make up and lighting skills, our campers who participate in horseback riding practiced their routines at a nearby farm, dancers were syncing up their moves, artist were touching up their paintings and drawings, and sculptures. Our evening activity for tonight was our Camper-Counselor Concert, giving our campers the oppurtunity to collaborate with their counselors in a performance. 


It's Wacky Workshop Wednesday here at Appel Farm again. All of our scheduled majors and minors went to plan, and then our evening activity was workshops! They included Instrument Petting Zoo, 4th of July Fine Tuning, Karaoke Time!, Musical Theater Sing-A-Long, Juggling, Show Me The Lights, Bollywood Dancing Part 2, Scratch Board Design and Pictures, Oil Pastels Resist, Photograms, From Idea to Screenplay, Superhero Origin Story, and Water Aerobics. 

To see the photos from today, click on the link below


Today is very special day here at Appel Farm, only occuring once every session. It’s a day campers, counselors and staff look forward too. Of course, like every morning we all went to our major classes, but it’s easy to say that everyone was having a difficult time concentrating because we all knew what was coming. We all knew today was… BEACH DAY!


YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU, by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart

YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU is the 1938 Pulitzer Prize winning comedy -- set to return to Broadway next season! -- about a wacky family of tax evaders and their attempts to marry off their next generation.  Fast paced and witty, it delivers a barrage of jokes that will make you laugh until the xylophone music stops!


It's hard to believe our campers have been here for a whole week! We've had so many amazing performances and seen such amazing artwork. We've witnessed our campers growing artistcally and mentally all in this short time. Today, like the majority of days here at camp, was busy for every single person. Actors were practicing their lines, photographers buzzing around camp with their cameras, talent shares in music classes. Basically, if you can think of it, it happened today!


I love portraits. Always have. The old masters could capture a moment in the soul of a person. For me this was magic.
Over the past twenty-four years I have enjoyed the privilege of taking portraits of the campers and staff at Appel Farm. I use the word “privilege” advisedly. It takes a great deal of trust to look into the glass eye of a camera and be yourself. I am honored so many have done this. Then my job is simply to press the release.
“Faces of Appel Farm” are portraits that I take over the course of the summer. Enjoy.

-Sarvananda Bluestone


It's the first Saturday here at camp this summer and it's a bit different than Saturday's at home as it's not a day off! Our day still had major and minor classes, but they were all full of kids smiling, learning and having fun. Then for our evening acticity, we had our World Fair Campfire, which allows our diverse camp staff to share and celebrate their ethnic and cultural diversity with all of our campers. Booths featured countries and cultures varied from Australia to Iceland, and even from some of the states within the USA.


It was a very quiet morning here at camp, because all of our campers were on their department field trips! Our photography program went on a photo scavenger hunt in the city of Philadelphia. The theatre and theatre tech students went to The Ritz Theatre in Oaklyn, NJ and worked on stage combat. Our video program went to a sculpture garden and learned how to use lighting filters. Our art program split up, with 2-D exploring the Philadelphia Museum of Art and 3-D going to the Wheaton Arts Center.


Today is our fourth day of camp, and it's incredible to see some of the work and effort our campers have already put in to their work. Walking around camp during majors and minors you see photo kids walking around snapping pictures of everything in sight. The video department can be found lugging around tripods and hooking up mics. Our painters and ceramics are done up in smocks, getting their hands right in to their medium. New bands have formed and given our grounds a new soundtrack. The campers in theatre are running around with scripts and sketches for sets and costume designs.

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